Many are the examples and memories of ancient times in the Tuscia area:

We can present five main historical themes related to different itineraries:

  • Etruscian: the journey can start from the “Vitelleschi” Museum of Tarquinia and the near Necropoli. Other relevant site of the neighborhood is the Tuscania Necropoli, where is placed the famous bury of “Tomba della Regina”. We can suggest also other important sites to visit, such as: the ancient town of Blera , Ischia di Castro, Cerveteri and Vulci, where is possible to visit the amazing archeological park.

  • Romans: Interesting Roman archaeological sites are along the ancient consular road named via Cassia, as for example Sutri and Ferento, but also along via Aurelia, especially in the area of Civitavecchia , where you can find traces of many roman villas.

  • Middle Age: The historical center of Viterbo is all set in this time, also in the area of Tuscia you can visit amazing examples of this edge along via Franchigena, like Montefiascone, close to Bolsena lake, and Vitorchiano. Of particular interest for its structure and history is Civita di Bagnoreggio, 45 minutes far from the guest house, and the nearest town of Tuscania , where you can visit the two churches of San Pietro and Santa Maria Maggiore.

  • Renaissance: To discover some elements of this edge you can visit Viterbo, Bolsena, or Tarquinia, but the most beautifull example is in Caprarola with the amazing “Palazzo Farnese” made by Vignola in the late XV century. By the same architect is not far also the park of monster in Bomarzo, which is an extraordinary example of the manierism edge.

  • Baroque: Furthemore you can visit some particular evidence of the Baroque as "Palazzo Giustiniani" in Bassano Romano, or the Repubblica square in Tuscania defined with the palace of the Municipality and the Theatre, and also the urbanistic plants of Oriolo Romano and San Martino al Cimino.


"Tuscia" landscape is famous for the sweet hills, the agricultural fields and tipical forests, the weather is mild all year long and is always possibile to organize escursions:

  • Lake and sea: Bolsena lake, one of the most beautiful italian lake, with the possibility to made escursion into the two ilands: "Martana" and "Bisentina". Close to Tarquinia there is a natural reserve where is possibile to made bird watching and also there is a warmfull sand beach. More over about 50 km to the north you can visit the natural reserve of "Monte Argentario".
  • Mountain: Close to Viterbo you can have relaxing walks in “Monti Cimini” notable for the amazing forests where you can find depending on seasons, mushrooms or chestnuts.
  • Thermal baths: the presence of sot springs water in the Viterbo´s area it´s well known since the ancient time. It´s possible to enjoy of it all the year, taking baths in natural swimming pool merged in the country side like in “Bullicame” or “Bagnaccio”, otherwise in modern healty centers